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Surgical Sutrues and Suture Needles Center is the only independent surgical needle information center for suture makers. With over 100 years experience in the suture industry, we are your source for atraumatical disposable suture needles, attaching equipment and testing machines.


Our needles are made of high tensile strength stainless steel alloys for high performance and consistency. The present demand for less tissue trauma in the suture market has meant that the drilled-end type of needle is the most widely used on the planet.

Here at Surgical Sutrues and Suture Needles Centyer, we pay particular attention to all production steps, especially to the drilled area and its chamfer. This guarantees an easy and productive swaging for the suture manufacturer.

The bending strength, sharpness and surface quality are also rigorously controlled. Surgical Sutrues and Suture Needles Center has mastered the toughest requirements to reach its goal of total quality: we not only design and produce needles, but we design and build the appropriate machinery to manufacture them.

A full range of surgical needles is available from Taper points, Reverse cutting edges, Diamond points, Ball and Blunt needles, finely honed Premium cutting needles, Breakaway needles and special needles to suit virtually every customer’s need.


We manufacture the QuickyTach pneumatical attaching machine with SMED (Single Minute Exchange Die) design. The attaching job has never been so easy and productive.

We provide every possible die size as well as a repair service for your damaged dies. Last but not least, our highly skilled technicians can help you make the most of the suture needles attaching machine.

Surgical Sutrues and Suture Needles Center produces the best analyser to improve control and the comparison of needles' bending strength and ductility.

WHAT WILL YOU FIND WITH Surgical Sutrues and Suture Needles Center

More than 10000 codes of atraumatical surgical needles to match every market demand for disposable sutures
Finest quality products and service
Complete technical assistance with attaching equipment and testing devices as well as personal training
Multilingual Customer Service for personalized contact: we speak Chinese,and English
An ISO 9001,and ISO 14000 certified organization

Surgical Loupes
We sell dental loupes also, for more details, pls visit www.loupesusa.com.

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